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CYL2 Success Stories: Kate Chargualaf

Kate Chargualaf

April 2, 2019
BWHI: cly2 Kate Chargualaf

Through this program, I have gained the knowledge to eat properly, not only for myself, but for my family and I share the knowledge with my friends. I personally have lost 10 pounds, 2” off my hips and 7” off my waist. Mentally I am ready for any meal challenge because I will not give in. The knowledge of good nutrition and being physically active sounds so simple, but I, and everyone in our group, was open to learning as if we were never taught what is healthy and what isn’t. Only a couple of years away from 40, and I am just now learning how to eat properly for my body and how to cook for my children and husband.

The camaraderie of our group, the lessons we learn from and with each other, the encouragement of our successes as well as the support we receive with any of our dietary or activity setbacks, is priceless. Doing this alone would not be easy and our successes would not be the same.

Our instructors have been the little voices inside our heads cheering us on during a good workout, or encouraging us to make better food choices if we stray. It’s the simple things we’ve always thought were ok, but we quickly learned that a little cheating on our daily food intake can lead to an extra pound or two on the scale by the next weigh-in. This program is about making a lifestyle change, but it is one that will lead everyone and anyone to a healthier, happier and leaner life.

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