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What If All Black Women & Girls Enjoyed Optimal Health and Well-being In a
Socially Just Society?

Our Passion

BWHI Launches new Equity Initiative to Transform the Experiences of Black Women in the Workplace

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Black Women Vote
The 2020-2021 National Health Policy Agenda for Black Women

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What We Stand For

Health Equality for All Black Women & Girls

We target the most pressing health issues that affect Black women and girls in the U.S. through investments in evidence based strategies, bold programs and advocacy outreach on health policies.

BWHI Signature Programs

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BWHI Special Initiatives

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BWHI Policy Development

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Imagine Health Equity for All Black Women & Girls

Black Women's Health Imperative Breast Cancer factFewer deaths from breast cancer each year

Black Women's Health Imperative Breast infant mortality factDecrease in infant mortality rates for Black women

Black Women's Health Graduation Fact factIncrease in high school graduation rates for Black girls and a 25% increase in college graduate rates for Black women

Black Women's Health Imperative U.S. economyImpact to the U.S. economy



With your support, we can increase the number of healthy Black women in the U.S. from 9.5 miliion to 12.5 million by the end 2021.

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At BWHI, we are working daily for health equity for Black women & girls. See where we are and what we are doing.