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A Call to Action: Policy Initiatives to End HIV Among Black Women

IN RECENT YEARS, significant progress has been made in lowering rates of HIV transmission among U.S. women, including U.S. Black women. This progress is now at risk. It is crucial to take more focused and strategic actions to protect and enhance this progress by recognizing and empowering Black women as visible and valuable partners in the fight to end the HIV epidemic.

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Big Ideas
Impact Report 2023

F R O M  A D V O C A C Y  T O  A C T I O N :

BWHI’s Impact Report on Spearheading Healthy Outcomes

As we consider our accomplishments and make plans for the future; we have come to realize that, although advocacy is necessary, it is no longer sufficient on its own. It is time to implement solutions and demand change. It is imperative that corporate leaders and legislators take swift action to enact legislation and regulations that provide incentives for the behavioral and structural shifts necessary to enhance health outcomes.

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The Black Women’s Health Imperative’s 2022 Midterm Elections: Voter Education & Issues Guide

At the Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI), our stated mission is to lead the effort to solve the most pressing health issues that affect Black women and girls in the U.S. Through research and evidence-based strategies, we deliver bold new programs and advocate for health-promoting policies within the workplace. In line with that mission, and with the 2022 midterms approaching, BWHI is releasing its new midterms voter’s guide: They Can’t Break Our Souls! The Black Women’s Health Imperative’s 2022 Midterm Elections: Voter Education & Issues Guide.

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Black Women Vote Special Edition
2021 Impact Report

Eliminating Barriers to Wellness for Black Women and Girls

No national organization has been as impactful on Black women’s health or their lived experiences narrative as the Black Women’s Health Imperative. BWHI has evolved into a nationally recognized organization leading health policy, education, research, knowledge and leadership development, and communications designed to improve the healthy outcomes of Black women. Since it’s inception, BWHI has invested over $50 million to preserve and advance the health and wellness of women and girls.

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Tobacco Survey

Our Tobacco Industry Marketing Awareness 2021 Survey Results are Out!

This report describes major findings from the Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) 2021 Tobacco Industry Marketing Awareness Survey. Beginning in the first quarter of 2021 and through March 2022, BWHI administered the survey to gather comprehensive information needed to understand tobacco use among people of color and design and evaluate prevention efforts. Questions cover the use of various tobacco products and access to them, as well as health risks, media awareness, and other topics. Completed surveys were obtained from 1,743 individuals from racially and ethnically diverse populations.

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2022 National Diabetes Agenda

This policy agenda introduces our recommendations for addressing T2D. For example, screening for prediabetes should be added as a component of the annual well-woman visit for early detection and prevention, and it should be covered by private and public health insurers. Fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c tests should be covered for anyone who is overweight, has a family history of T2D, has had gestational diabetes, or has other risk factors for diabetes.

BWHI also recommends policies that require doctors to screen and refer those who are eligible to federally recognized lifestyle change programs like CYL2. We know that community-based organizations play a critical role in program delivery and provide trusted environments for people most at risk for T2D. Proposed legislation targeting sugary beverages and food deserts will reduce unhealthy diet choices, increase the consumption of nutritious foods, and reduce the likelihood of diabetes. Public health efforts to increase Black women’s participation in clinical trials will help produce treatments with higher efficacy for those living with diabetes.

BWHI believes that these and other recommendations presented in this policy agenda are steps toward a healthier, more equitable America.

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National Diabetes Agenda
2020 Impact Report

Impact Report

Persevering Toward the Promise: 2020 Impact Report

This year marked the beginning of the 38th year of the Black Women’s Health Imperative. We continue to be the number one source for health and wellness for Black women. During this year, with your generous support we have been able to reach thousands more women through our programs and campaigns targeting the issues that matter to us.

Black women are everywhere, and Black women are important. The BWHI team worked tirelessly in 2020 to make sure that we were listening to you and providing you with the resources you need to stay healthy; mentally, and physically. The health and wellness of Black women must be protected, and we plan to continue these efforts in 2021. Join us this year, we welcome your support as we continue to grow.

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Surviving & Thriving

COVID-19 Pandemic Survival Guide for Black Women and Their Families

To equip Black women to protect themselves, their families, and their communities, BWHI is pleased to release Surviving & Thriving. This pandemic survival guide tells the story of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us, Black women, and empowers us to take actions that keep us healthy, safe, and resilient. The guide describes the scope of the health, economic, and social impacts of the pandemic; provides practical tips and resources that Black women can use to mitigate the severity of those impacts, and calls policymakers to account with lists of concrete recommendations for addressing our needs and ending the disparities we experience.

We know what it means to be Black women in this country, in this moment. We know the stakes are high and the consequences are quite literally life or death. And so, we offer this guide to amplify Black women’s voices, to assert, more powerfully than ever, that our lives matter.

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Surviving & Thriving
Equity in Rare Diseases

Action Plan and Coalition Overview

Charting the Path Forward for Equity in Rare Diseases

The Rare Disease Diversity Coalition (RDDC) formed under the leadership of the Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) to help address the extraordinary challenges faced by rare disease patients of color. As advocates for patients who deal with dual struggles—to be included in the promise of scientific advancements that improve health outcomes and not be left behind because of their rare condition or their race—the leaders of RDDC envision a unique opportunity to contribute to progress for both the rare disease and health disparities movements. This paper will describe the journey that RDDC is taking to contribute to real and significant progress.

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Black Women Vote

Black Women Vote: The 2020-2021 National Health Policy Agenda

building upon Black women’s political influence, ballot power, and commitment to civic participation

Black women have navigated danger in America for centuries. Our humanity, our safety, and our rights are devalued in the workplace, doctor’s offices, classrooms, and our own neighborhoods. As the brutal and reckless police murder of Breonna Taylor demonstrated, we are not protected even when asleep in our own homes. The need for change in every system, from education to housing to health care, is urgent.

In response, the Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) has updated our Black Women Vote: National Health Policy Agenda for 2020 to include a fifth pillar, Social Justice. This new section addresses the issues of police violence, sexual assault, and incarceration. The 2018 agenda’s four pillars focus on Access to Quality and Affordable Health Care, Equitable Responses to Public Health Emergencies, Sufficient Diversity in Clinical Research, and Increased Funding to Support Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Under each pillar, the Agenda includes a thorough yet non-exhaustive list of the most pressing health issues facing Black women today, with concrete policy recommendations to help move toward real solutions.

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Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Relief for Communities of Color

This fact sheet is offered to black women, who are also the nation’s business owners, employees, students and heads of households. While the information provided is generally available to the range of businesses and families in the U.S., we offer it as a one-stop shop for useful information that is part of national relief for COVID-19. The document also shares meaningful health information to ensure that black women, their families and communities are adequately covered during this global pandemic.

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COVID-19 Fact Sheet
2019 Impact Report - BWHI

Impact Report

#WEDIDTHAT – 2019 Impact Report

In 2019, the Black Women’s Health Imperative continued on its quest to positively impact the lives of Black women across this nation by developing and implementing programs, policy positions and educational resources to address pressing health issues. The work of the organization was made possible in part by the generous donations of corporate partners, foundations and donors who believe in our mission, and for that we are grateful. Enclosed are some highlights that demonstrate our mission in action and the impact that the support of our donors has had in communities across the country.

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HIV/AIDS Policy Agenda


The HIV/AIDS Policy Agenda for Black Women

The HIV/AIDS Policy Agenda for Black Women covers several vital issues, which include prevention of future HIV infections and identifying research priorities, access to comprehensive treatment for all Black women living with HIV, and the provision of essential supports, beyond medical treatment, that improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of Black women who are living with HIV.

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INDEXUS - What Healthy Black Women Can Teach Us About Health


What Healthy Black Women Can Teach Us About Health

Get the first health index based on healthy Black women. Download your copy of IndexUS: What Healthy Black Women Can Teach Us About Health today!

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Water, Health, and Equity

The Infrastructure Crisis Facing Low-Income Communities & Communities of Color — and How to Solve It

All too often, our water infrastructure is failing our communities—especially vulnerable populations, such as low-income communities and communities of color. Over time, infrastructure investments have closely followed the geography of wealth. As a result, higher income areas enjoy high-quality infrastructure while low-income areas have suffered decades of underinvestment and disinvestment. People of color live in areas with higher rates of contaminated water, stormwater and wastewater overflows, and increased risks of flooding.

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