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“No Puffs to Give” Advocacy Day!

Thank you for participating in the BWHI “No Puffs to Give” Advocacy Day!
Young Black people are directly targeted by the tobacco industry. The Black community is disproportionately affected by the harrowing effects of tobacco and e-cigarette use. The purpose of the “No Puffs to Give” Advocacy Day is to share advocacy strategies, tools, and information, on key issues regarding the tobacco industry, menthol, and flavored tobacco/vaping products. We are providing a safe space for 30 students to share their concerns, speak to legislative staff, and learn from advocates in the tobacco space.
We hope that our event inspires participants to involve themselves in future advocacy efforts for health equity in the Black community.
View our “No Puffs to Give” Brochure for more information on our event.
Event Details
View our "No Puffs to Give" Agenda here.