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BWHI’s Response to the Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold the Texas Abortion Ban Statute

For 38 years, the Black Women’s Health Imperative has fought to protect the health of Black women.  On Wednesday, the Supreme Court, citing procedural complexities, upheld a Texas statute that bans abortions at a point when 85% of women are unaware that they’re pregnant. This ban will disproportionately affect Black women, women of color and low income women. It is cruel.

Texas is just the beginning.

The Texas abortion ban is not about protecting an unborn baby, it is not based on science and it is not intended to present a logical argument.  It is entirely about controlling a woman: her body, her decision-making and her right to live without fear. It is a law that encourages and even rewards everyday citizens to turn against women. Anyone – healthcare providers, friends, well-meaning strangers – seeking to help women do what is best for their health… beware. There’s a $10,000 bounty on your kindness.