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One year later, We Remember.

The cries of a soul lost, crushed by a bended knee, We Remember. 

With bated breath, screams for your mother and silent prayers for your daughter, We Remember. 

The injustice that decided to rise again, flexing its arrogant power, We Remember. 

The feeling of sadness, anger and disgust, We Remember. 

Tears running down our face, pulled by the gravity of disbelief and indifference, We Remember. 

The nudging in our spirit to “do something”… anything… even if it meant risking our lives at the intersection of two pandemics, We Remember.

Alongside us, the unlikely allies who marched through the streets, signed their names on the dotted line, and put their dollars towards the cause, We Remember. 

Our feet in sync around the world to say, no justice no peace, We Remember.  

George Floyd, We Remember.

“I can’t breathe” is not the end of his story. 

It is a battle cry…

And the journey continues…

…and George… 

We Remember. 

The Black Women’s Health Imperative continues to stand in solidarity with people across the globe who have identified lawful ways to sound the alarm on systemic racism and the many injustices that must be addressed through policy changes, education, and prioritization to acknowledge the real and vast effects of racism on the lives of our community. Visit the BWHI website to learn more about our thoughts on racism and Black women’s health and how you can support our new anti-racism initiative.