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Happy Ten Year Anniversary to the Affordable Care Act

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the outreach of many partners like the Black Women’s Health Imperative, millions of Americans have access to health coverage. What a difference 10 years has made in improving the health and wellbeing of Black women.

Did You Know That…

  • In 2009, being a woman was considered a pre-existing condition. The #ACA changed the game, adding maternity care, birth control, and well-woman visits as benefits that most insurers are required to cover. #ACA10
  • Over 62 million women can now get birth control at no cost. #ACA10
  • Under the #ACA, young people can stay on their parent’s plan up to age 26. Over 3 MILLION young adults have taken advantage of this opportunity to get covered! #ACA10
  • Over 9 million young people have gained access to health coverage in the last 10 years, including up to 4 million low-income young people who now have coverage under Medicaid expansion. #ACA10
  • Prior to the #ACA, there were no guarantees that your prescription drugs would be covered by insurance in the individual market. Today, prescription drug coverage is considered an essential health benefit – required to be covered in all marketplace plans.
  • The #ACA expanded the number of health plans that must cover behavioral health medications just as they cover medications for physical health issues. That means more people can now better manage their behavioral health conditions.
  • 10 years ago, insurers could – and would – cancel your coverage if you got sick or injured. Those days are gone! Thanks to the #ACA, you can be sure your insurance will be there when you need it most. #ACA10