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You Listening? How To Tell Your Partner About Your Mental Health Condition

You’ve gotten past the puppy love phase. You’ve also gotten past the “he hasn’t texted me today, so clearly he isn’t into me” phase. Now, you two are serious. For many couples, that means talking about the future. For others, it means finally being able to pass gas in front of one another. And if you have a mental health condition, it can also mean telling your significant other about it.

It can be difficult to tell anyone about your condition, and telling your S.O. can feel like you’re putting yourself out there to either be accepted or rejected.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems. Here’s how to make discussing your mental health condition a little easier—and what your partner’s reaction really says.

mental health condition

For the ladies who have been here and done this, what’s helped you share your mental health condition with your significant other?