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Managing High Blood Pressure: How Black Women Can Help Each Other

If you have high blood pressure, support from the women in your life can be the difference between controlling it or letting it control you. And chances are, you’re not the only one facing this issue to begin with.

Here are 5 ways that sisters, cousins, and girlfriends can look out for each other and manage high blood pressure together.


1. Plan Healthy Meals Together

Eating healthy is critical when you’re trying to manage high blood pressure. Get together on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon—even if it’s by text message, GChat, or Facebook—and make a week’s worth of heart-healthy lunches or dinners. Send pics and updates of how you threw down.

manage high blood pressure


2. Dining Out? Be Each Other’s “Bodyguards”

Restaurant foods are usually full of salt—and that means you’re getting lots of sodium that you really don’t need. So, look out for your girlfriends.

manage high blood pressure


3. Offer Support To Stop Smoking Or Reduce Drinking

Drinking too much and smoking are unhealthy habits to begin with, but when you have high blood pressure, they can just be plain old dangerous. Be there for the smokers in your life as they put an end to a habit that they might find pretty tough to quit.

manage high blood pressure


4. Stay Active Together

Whether it’s a Zumba class or walking a few times a week, exercise is a triple threat to high blood pressure. It helps with managing weight, strengthening your heart, and lowering stress. Your doctor can help you set the right amount of exercise for your health.

manage high blood pressure


5. Be There For Each Other In Tough Times

Stress is unhealthy. Less stress can boost your emotional and physical health—and lower your blood pressure. Help the women in your life manage this, and you’re also helping their health.

manage high blood pressure

Ready to manage high blood pressure together? Share this page with the women in your life to show your support.