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Get Ready to Lose in 2017

“I can fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear in five years!” That’s what one of the women in our Change Your Lifestyle. Change Your Life (CYL2) program is most proud of. CYL2 is our diabetes prevention program, but for many women, the motivation is really about their weight. They gained it, and they want it off!

That may sound familiar to you. It’s why losing weight is a popular new year’s resolution. Losing really is winning! But how do you do it?

Here are three ways women say CYL2 is helping them lose weight and feel great!

You get your own coach.
Coaches are crucial to CYL2 participants’ success. They not only manage the group dynamics and reinforce learning, but they also help everyone in the group believe in themselves and their ability to lose weight.

“Support and no judgment from Coach Veronica are what brought me to class, and that is what keeps me coming back,” said one woman. Another describes her coach, Kimberly, as awesome, intuitive and an accountability partner.

You learn practical changes.
Reading labels, doing crunches or other exercises during TV commercials, and drinking water before meals are just a few of changes women have adopted after joining the program. And that candy jar some of us keep on our desk at work? Several ladies have replaced the sweets with fruit. These small changes are easy to do, and they work!

You have a support system.
Committing to changing your lifestyle is easier when you have people to hold you accountable and cheer you on along the way. That’s why CYL2 is a group-based program.

One woman, who take the class with her husband, told us she was devastated when after putting in hard work, she stepped on the scale and had only lost two pounds. She was visibly upset when someone in the class reminded her it’s a lifestyle change and to appreciate the small victories.
People decide they need a lifestyle change for several reasons, but the results – when you are committed and do the work – speak for themselves. Women tell us they have more energy, can walk up flights of stairs without breathing heavily, are happier and are losing weight! Some, more than 100 lbs!

Are you ready to lose in 2017? We can help! Click here to find a CYL2 program near you!