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Two Things You Need to Change Your Lifestyle and Your Life


What does it take for you to change your lifestyle and change your life?

That’s a question many experts have studied for years. Most agree it takes two things:

  1. Self-confidence
  2. Motivation

Self-confidence is your belief that you really can change your behavior. Motivation is your desire to change a particular behavior.

As Change Your Lifestyle. Change Your Life. (CYL2) lifestyle coaches, we work daily to help CYL2 participants change unhealthy habits into healthier ones because we know those lifestyle changes will reduce their chances of getting type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions.

When people first come to our program, many of them don’t have self-confidence or motivation. They’re not self-confident because they’ve tried diets and weight loss programs, and while they may have lost weight, they gained it all back. They also struggle with motivation. They have no desire to change their behavior because they enjoy eating all the sweet, savory, fatty foods. 

That’s where we come in as coaches! We help them find the self-confidence and motivation needed to eat healthier and exercise regularly by asking them these questions:

  1. What may happen if you continue doing things the way you’re currently doing them?
  2. What would be different if you changed your behavior?
  3. How does not making the change affect you and your family?
  4. What kind of support do you need to make and maintain the changes?

You may be saying, “Angela, I have self-confidence and motivation. It’s time or money or something else, that’s keeping me from changing my negative behaviors.” To you, I say those are excuses! If you are truly motivated – have the desire to change – you will find a way to get it done. We even have a free 7-minute workout you can do at home. So no money, no time, no problem!

I recently read an inspiring message on a public billboard that said, “Your past does not define you, it prepares you”.  So don’t let your failed attempts to make behavior changes hold you back. Get the support you need and take steps today to change your lifestyle and change your life.


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