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Thank You, Secretary Lew, for Honoring Harriet Tubman

Dear Secretary Lew,
Thank you for honoring the legacy of Harriet Tubman in such a historic way. 
Black women are inherently strong and resilient, and there is no greater example of that than Harriet Tubman. She courageously won her own freedom, then repeatedly risked re-enslavement and death to free hundreds of Black men, women and children. That alone is enough to make her a hero, but when you add the fact that she was also a spy for the Union army and fought fiercely for women’s suffrage, her lasting impact on the country and the world becomes clear and indelible.  
Secretary Lew, when little Black girls and Black women pick up a $20 bill and see a familiar face on it, they will be reminded that they are capable of greatness. They will know what they can do with determination and strength. And it is my hope they will be inspired to build on Sister Harriet’s legacy, creating a greater and more just America for generations to come.
Linda Goler Blount
President & CEO, Black Women’s Health Imperative 



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