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Are You At Risk for Diabetes? Here’s One Way to Find Out


One out of three adults has prediabetes, the condition where your blood sugar (glucose) level is higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It’s a red flag letting you know you need to make some changes or you will more than likely develop type 2 diabetes. In fact, 15 to 30 percent of people diagnosed with prediabetes develop type 2 diabetes within five years. The alarming thing is, nine out of ten people with prediabetes don’t know they have it

Now you are probably asking yourself “How do I find out?” The first thing you can do is to take our prediabetes risk test. If you score a nine or higher, you might have prediabetes. And, if you do, don’t be alarmed. There are some very specific things that you can do to change behavior and reduce your risks. That is why we created Change Your Lifestyle. Change Your Life (CYL2) to help people – like you – learn how to make healthier food choices, add physical activity to your daily routiines and reduce stress. 

Jacquelyn, one of the women in our CYL2 program, took the risk test and also shared it with her sister. It turns out, they both had prediabetes! So what did they do? The sisters started a good-natured competition to see who could be the most physically active each week and lose the most weight at each class weigh-in. Together, they lost a total of nearly 100 pounds! Jacquelyn, who lost 46 pounds during the year-long class, is still shedding pounds, a whole year after the class ended. And the best part: her A1C has dropped enough to get her out of the prediabetes range! She is more active than ever, feels much more energetic and is holding down two jobs. She is pleased to get back into clothing she hasn’t been able to wear for more than five years.

It all started with she took the test. So, just take the test! And make sure you share it with your family and friends. You may save a life.