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Meet Our Interns!


We have three amazing interns from Morgan State University on our team this semester! We asked them to tell you a little bit about themselves and why they’re so motivated to improve Black women’s health.



Shanice Benton

My name is Shanice Benton and I’m from Fort Washington, Maryland. I’m currently pursuing an education in Health Education Promotion at Morgan State University. This is my senior year and I’m expected to graduate in May. I‘ve always had a passion to educate and guide women to the right path of wellness. Therefore, it is a pleasure to join the Black Women’s Health Imperative and I hope I can make a positive impact.



 Whitney Dillingham

Hello, my name is Whitney. I am from the city of trees, Sacramento, California. I have been studying at Morgan State University since 2012 and I am happy to say that I am entering my final year as a Health Education student. I AM GRADUATING THIS SPRING, YAY!!!

A little more about myself. I am a very optimistic, happy-go-lucky individual. I am can be very artsy at times. On the days I am not busy, I enjoy practicing yoga, drawing and exercising.

I am also a family-oriented person. I come from a big family of ten and I am the youngest of my siblings. I have no family in Maryland. Staying 3,000 miles away from my loved ones is a major adjustment for me but, nonetheless, is a great experience.

I am excited to be interning at the Black Women’s Health Imperative. I have a strong passion for making change, especially in the black community. Also, I have always had a personal interest in women’s health and making a difference in women’s lives. My interest stems from watching the women in my family struggle with preventable health issues. What I know now, that I did not know then, was lifestyle was a major factor in their health problems. I would love to help Black women make healthier lifestyle changes so they won’t have to struggle or suffer the way my family has.



 Jordan Johnson

I am Jordan Johnson, a Maryland native and senior at Morgan State University pursuing Bachelors of Science degree in Health Education. After graduation in May 2016, I plan to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health.

While volunteering in high school I noticed a need for health education within the black community. Through my experiences, I wanted to learn more about how to empower my community to take control of their health. After completing of my education, my goal is to invest in the health and wellness of Black women through community-based strategies that promote healthy lifestyles. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, spending time with family and traveling.