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SIS Circles

SIS Circles is BWHI’s program that empowers teen girls of color from some of Atlanta’s most underserved communities to be tomorrow’s resilient, health-conscious leaders.

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SIS Circles complements BWHI’s existing community offerings and will uniquely expand the reach of BWHI’s My Sister’s Keeper program, that has been focused on young women on college campuses to teen girls.

SIS Circles Partner Schools
Banneker High School: named for an African- American scientist, surveyor, almanac author, and farmer,  Banneker High School has the latest educational technology with computer labs, as well as computers in individual classrooms.
Target: 20 10th graders; 20 11th graders

South Atlanta High School: Established in 1994 after the merger of Walter F. George High School and Fulton High School. It was also the only high school in Atlanta Public Schools to have an airplane hangar.
Target: 20 10th graders; 20 11th graders

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Our Approach

The goals of SIS Circles are two-fold:

1. to provide a comprehensive social, emotional and health-focused curriculum that empowers teen girls from underserved communities in Atlanta to achieve their educational and professional goals; and

2. to facilitate mentorship via an intergenerational leadership model that provides support and real-life models of professional success in a broad array of careers and skilled trades.