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The Black Women’s Health Imperative and SIS Circles Program Partner to Expand Reach to Teen Girls of Color in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, January 25, 2019 –The Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) is excited to announce a new multigenerational partnership with Atlanta-based Sisters Inspiring Sisters (SIS) Circles. The partnership will proactively work to deepen the impact on inspiring the next generation of women of color to be tomorrow’s leaders.

It is appropriate that during January which is National Mentorship Month that, BWHI and SIS Circles embark on their new initiative. SIS Circles is a multi-generational mentoring program that provides social and emotional empowerment for teen girls from resource-constrained communities in Atlanta, with 360 degrees of female mentorship support to achieve their social, educational and professional goals. The program is in direct response to the growing number of teen girls in Atlanta who lack adequate social support to graduate from high school and pursue college and/career goals. SIS Circles’ partner schools have a student body that is at least 95 percent African-American, close to 100 percent on free/reduced lunch, have a four-year graduation rate that ranges between 67 and 71 percent and have a college readiness range between 15 to 30 percent.

BWHI, founded on the Spelman College campus in 1983, stands as the nation’s only national organization dedicated solely to improving the health and wellness of our nation’s 21 million Black women and girls – physically, emotionally and financially.  The mission for over 35 years, has been and continues to be to lead the effort to solve the most pressing health issues that affect Black women and girls in the U.S. This is done through investments in evidence-based strategies, bold new programs and health-promoting policies.

BWHI has a long history of proactive leadership in improving women’s health in Atlanta. SIS Circles complements BWHI’s existing community offerings and will uniquely expand the reach of BWHI’s My Sister’s Keeper program, that has been focused on young women on college campuses to teen girls. Moving forward by providing a comprehensive circle of support that develops confident, college/career/skills trade-focused teen girls of color; facilitates mentorship via cross-generational leadership development to close critical economic, equity and exposure gaps for teen girls of color and promotes positive physical, mental and sexual health for teen girls of color.

“I am so very excited about the addition of SIS Circles to the Black Women’s Health Imperative, says Linda G. Blount, President and CEO of BWHI.  “We are at a point in time when young women need positive leadership examples and support to excel, lead and determine their own destiny.  SIS Circles is exactly what is required to counter the negative images of women of color, prepare them for college and career and set them on a course of optimal physical, emotional and financial health.”

Ann McMikel, Executive Director of the SIS Circles Program, says “SIS Circles programming will  provide a cross-generational female mentorship circle of resiliency and support for teen girls of color from under-resourced communities that will focus on feeling and being valued through building core social and emotional strengths like healthy self-awareness, emotion management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making skills to empower our young sisters to fully benefit from their education and position them for success in their professional and personal pursuits.”


AK Collier, Communications